Live-Life-Better Psychotherapy

It's pretty hard to get through life without, at some point, coming face to face with something that feels just too big to manage on your own.  

Maybe you were blindsided by something that has left you devastated, broken open, and you just want to curl up in a fetal position ... 

Or... maybe you notice yourself re-acting in anger, rage, sadness, frustration, disappointment, withdrawal or fear without really understanding why.... 

Maybe you find that you are too frequently feeling unappreciated, disrespected,  unloved, unimportant,  and not valued by the people who are closest to you.

Maybe you find yourself doing things that you have already decided you do not want to do.... spending money, eating or drinking too much... and you can't seem to stop yourself. 

Maybe you find your mind going crazy with worry, fear, anxiety or negative thoughts..

Maybe you just feel nothing, no emotion at all ...and life is bland, meaningless, empty and futile...

Maybe a relationship has gone awry and you are confused and hurt and you have no idea how to fix it.

Or maybe life's not bad but you don't want to live a 'not bad' life.  You want something richer, deeper, more meaningful, more fun, more beautiful.


It IS possible to LIVELIFE BETTER... with grace, meaning and pleasure. Regardless of the issue that pushes you to make a change ...  whether its marital conflict, personal unhappiness, career boredom, persistent frustration, recurring 'bad luck' or debilitating unhelpful habits... it is so incredibly empowering to begin the process of taking charge of your life and to stop feeling broken or stuck.

You can do it!  AndI can help you.  I can help you figure out why on earth you would do or say THAT.  I can help you understand and change how it is that you find yourself in this situation AGAIN.   I can help you recover from emotional pain or emotional emptiness and move ahead with clarity, enthusiasm and purpose. 

Make the choice to Live Life Better!  I can help you! And you are worth it!